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"All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to the individual"
- Albert Einstein

Tribes also belong to the same society to which we believe that we belong to. Neglecting their rights such as right to health, right to education, right to secured life, right to dignified livelihood are in fact the violation of human rights. In various parts of our country, there are several tribal areas, which receive little or no focus from local, state and national governments. These areas are quite remote typically accessible only by walk for at least a couple of days.

For decades, these tribal areas are neglected in all aspects of development: education, healthcare, basic amenities and economic development. Without development in tribal areas, our country cannot experience all round development. If one section of the society left in the lurch then there would be nothing but social unrest.

To ensure the peaceful co-existence of all the segments of people in the society then all sections should be given equal access to the resources. The same resources which help the other favorable segments of the society would also help them to access their full potential for fuller growth. This will culminate in leading a meaningful and peaceful life for them.

The marginalized and oppressed tribal communities have been languishing for so many years. When major development initiatives are reaching other parts of the country these forgotten communities have been crying for help. Please imagine their plight. At one hand their basic livelihood - the forest resources are becoming scarcer and scarcer. In the name of development the forest resources are being plundered upon. Then on the other hand, atrocities such as physical and the sexual abuse have been committed upon the poor tribal people by the forest officials on a daily basis. They don't have any voice. They are constantly ill-treated by them.

Where else can they go? They don't know any other place other then their own forest areas. What else can they do? They have skills pertaining only to the forest oriented vocations. We in the name of protecting the green cover are alienating the tribal communities from their own homes - the forests. There has been large scale injustice meted against these poor and deprived tribal communities.

There is an urgent need to eliminate the injustice and the inequality. In fact the operational areas where we work are having problems like lack of food security, lack of good schooling facilities for the children, lack of health care facilities and the decent employment opportunities.

People where we work are almost all illiterate and downtrodden. They have no one to tell them how to lead a better and healthy life. Poverty, illiteracy, not getting regular decent employment, scarce food and water resources are some of the plaguing problems faced by them on a regular basis. Due to their vulnerability many a times they need to confront the corrupt and unjust forest officials. Their problems are too many to describe.

Who cares for these unattended but honest and industrious tribal people? We do.

<<Organisation Name>> is an institution who works with the uncompromising commitment for the benefit of these poor tribal communities. The organisation believes that these people who became oppressed, marginalised and downtrodden due to the avalanche of unfortunate circumstances too have an equal right to lead a carefree life just like anyone else in the society. Poor fellows! For the past so many years their voices were never heard by our government machinery.

<<Organisation Name>> was established as the public charitable trust in the year . Based in (location), <<Organisation Name>> has been doing the commendable work in the field of tribal community development by helping the poor tribal people in getting access to the necessary basic amenities from the government and other donor agencies and also providing additional facilities every now and then. Over the years the <<Organisation Name>> has been able to help (numbers) poor tribal people to overcome from their difficult social, cultural and financial situation.

Now at present we are covering the tribal population in the areas , and (name of the locations) to the tune of (numbers) people who are in distress.